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  About Pure




The Pure Group

To uphold our integrity as Asia’s leading lifestyle brand

To build a sense of community through a customer-centric model that offers people a balanced lifestyle of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Values = The Pure Path

The Pure Group is Asia's leading lifestyle brand consisting of Pure Yoga, Pure Fitness, Pure Apparel, RED Bar + Restaurant and nood food. Based in Hong Kong, the Group has more than 50,000 clients and over 1,200 employees. With prime locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and New York, we are a community of dedicated wellness professionals, aiming to help people lead healthier lives.

Pure Yoga
Pure Yoga is dedicated to serving the yoga community in Asia and beyond. With yoga studios at prime locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and New York, it distinguishes itself by providing the highest calibre of teaching, offering students the most-rewarding yoga experience with every visit. Pure Yoga celebrates the diversity of yoga styles by offering a wide variety - traditionalists rejoice in Hatha, Ashtanga, Mysore, Yin and Pranayama and Meditation; contemporary practitioners thrive on the likes of Power, Wall Rope Yoga and yoga dance classes; ambitious students relish the personalised pace and programme of Private Yoga. Complementing this premium yoga experience are workshops with guest yoga masters from across the globe, Teacher Trainings, Continuing Education for Teachers programmes, and retreats in idyllic locales that take yoga beyond the studio.

Pure Fitness
Pure Fitness is dedicated to serving the community of healthy and active living, bringing the best fitness experiences from around the world to its prime locations in Hong Kong and Singapore. Specialty facilities include dedicated boxing and kickboxing spaces, PurMotion Functional Training Station, power lifting platform, Polar Cardio GX System, Technogym cardio zone, Power-Plate, Woodway Curve, Jacob's Ladder, and open functional area in every fitness centre with a complete range of advanced training tools such as Kettlebells, Bulgarian Bags, TRX, ViPR as well as complimentary induction sessions for all new joins. Pure's international team consists of PTA Global certified trainers and passionate instructors who lead over 80 group exercise classes weekly per centre - Polar Cycle, ViPR Group Fitness, TRX, Boot Camp, and Les Mills programmes, as well as Latino Jam, Jazz Funk, Pole Dancing and more.

Pure Apparel
Shopping can uplift our mood and reinvigorate us through the power of retail therapy. Pure offers to the wellness community quality yoga activewear and a variety of accessories. Taking centre stage is Pure Apparel – a dynamic new brand inspired by a decade's worth of input from yogis and yoginis everywhere. A combination of revolutionary fabrics, flattering designs and attention to detail puts Pure Apparel on the high-performance, high-style fashion forefront. An assortment of other international yoga clothing brands and fitness gear are also available.

RED Bar + Restaurant
Red is the symbol of desire, energy and life. It has the power to evoke emotions more than any other colour – happiness, love, and passion.

This is the concept behind RED. It reflects our passion for living the good life. With bold, and first-rate flavours from all over the world and unparalleled service, we represent the modern sensibilities of Hong Kong, a vibrant and energetic culinary melting pot that is constantly evolving.

We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy a dining experience that will take you around the globe to awaken your senses.

Always exploring, always curious, always hungry.

This is Hong Kong. This is RED.

nood food
nood food introduces innovative, delicious cold-pressed juices and organic foods to consumers in Asia. Foods without preservatives or additives are at their nutritional peak – and nood food advocates the consumption of such food by incorporating them into accessible and tasty recipes that are the foundation of a health-conscious lifestyle. The well-known adage, “you are what you eat” is a hallmark of nood. By sourcing the freshest organic ingredients from around the world and preparing them with the least amount of processing, nood food preserves optimum nutrients and is the purveyor of food in its purest form.

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